Sunday, 16 September 2012

Criterium Race

Did not race last weekend as I was on a training camp on the Central Coast which was awesome. Did some solid training and had great weather while I was up there. Drove up to this mornings race as I was doing a run straight after the race so had my run gear in the back of the car ready to put straight on when I got off the bike. Arrived around 7:40am, registered and did a few laps warm up before the race start at 8am. Weather was perfect hardly a breath of wind and wasn't too cold, although only 6 riders turned up to race A Grade. Even though there was only 6 riders, Tirian McManus Junior Track World Championship Gold Medallist turned up to race which was awesome and Joshua Cornish who is also a National Track cyclist. Some stiff competition, looked like it was going to be a good race.

The race consisted of 20mins of track 2 and then 6 laps of track 3 around Sutherland Bike Track. Race started just after 8am and we were off. Fairly easy pace was set for the first few laps but it wasn't long until we started working and the race was on, there was no breakaways throughout the whole 20mins and we were now started on track 3. The bunch worked really well, with everyone taking turns and working hard on the front. The hill on track 3 started to take it's toll on the riders as they pace slowed up a bit and one guy dropped off the back. It was now the last lap and still no breakaways had been made and the pack consisted of 5 guys including myself, going down the back straight we were almost at a stop as everyone was waiting for someone to attack. We past the climb and still nothing, it wasn't until the last little rise before the last corner one of the guys made an attack, Josh was straight on his wheel followed by Tirian, me and then the last guy of our group. The guy who made the attack shattered at the last corner and we lost the guy sitting on my wheel. So it was now down Josh, Tirian and myself, a Triathlete against a national and world champion track cyclist. I gave it my all, Tirian made an attack around Josh with about 50m to go and I sat on his wheel for as long as I could. He passed Josh with about 20m to go and I finished 3rd Just behind them both.
I then did another couple of laps which I then put my run gear on and ran 2k solid off the bike and then 4k easy. Pretty tired after I had finished but it was a good morning out.

It was really good to see some quality Juniors come out to race this morning, pretty happy with my race finishing 3rd. Looking forward to the next race.

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