Thursday, 4 September 2014

European Summer (without traiathlon) continued...

With flights already booked for myself and the rest of the family (for them to watch me race), we decided to continue our trip to Europe but change things a bit due to unfortunate events (stress fracture). So off we went for the next 4 months throughout Europe, surfed the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal for 2 months, saw the sights in Italy, Greece (and the islands), UK, Belgium and Finished off in Paris for a week where I was bale to catch up with the coaches of Issy Traithlon to talk about next year. It was a great trip, a nice little break from training and I was fortunate enough to do it all with the rest of my family. (check instagram: jake_montgomery94 for photos)
I have been running consistently now for over a month and so far all good. Although I haven't seen my road bike in over 4 months nor a swimming pool, I touched down in Australia this morning so time to get back into the swing of things and prepare for the season ahead. First race lined up is Penrith Nepean triathlon which will be a fun hit for my first race back and where it all started 7 years ago.

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