Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oatley Park Fun Run

Have now started my running season after having gone up to Oatley Park on the weekend. This was another race I have not done before but had heard that the field is pretty competitive. That rumour did not disappoint when the 10km National running champion Harry Summers turned up. This week he is travelling to USA to qualify for London Olympics, the best of luck to him.
There was a good turn out for the run, with just under 700 competitors in the 5km event. The course was all on road and was very undulating with some major uphills, two 2.5km loops would make a bit of congestion the second time round.

Race start at 9am and the field was off. Some competitors tried to make an early break but wasn't able to hang out the front for long. The lead bunch stuck together for about a km which it then started to break up with the pace set off the front. The first hill was tough, fairly long but it definitely took it out of me. I was now running in 6th position and feeling pretty comfortable. The second lap round posed a bit of a problem as the road was only narrow and the walkers did not allow for much room to pass. As we headed back from the tail end of the loop, 7th passed but I was able to jump on and run along side him. Coming around the final corners the guy next to me really started to kick and I was not able to find that extra bit off speed shortly after I ended up in 8th position coming up the finishing straight.

Overall was pretty happy with the time for the course due to the difficulty but was a bit disappointed with the last km of the race.
Look forward to coming races over this winter season, my schedule has been updated with running races that I intend to do.

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