Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 IS HERE!

Late last year I had intended to compete in a couple of races before finishing off the season but due to an injury that arose mid year that had still not fully recovered, I was not confident to race and decided to focus on getting it right so it would not continue through 2014. Instead I stated full time work with my Dad as a builders labourer for three months up till Christmas. Luckily, there was a heated 50m pool two minutes away from where I was working so I could have a swim before work but that required getting up at 04:30am which was very hard to get use to after getting up at 07:30am in Europe. After work I would concentrate on getting my injury sorted and run back to normal, it was a very slow start, running for 10-15 minutes around the oval and after building the time up on the oval I could start small on the road and progress each run. Finally after two months and treatment from the physio I was confident to start picking up the pace through my runs and would continue doing so.
I was disappointed I missed out on racing the Nepean triathlon and a couple of local races but to be back running normally feels great and definitely worth sacrificing a few races.
In December I competed in the Bondi2Bronte ocean swim which I finished 1st in the U19 category and also raced the 3PointsChallenge at North Curl Curl, and placed 3rd in the Elites. I was a little disappointed with the course change due to the huge surf conditions, it was meant to be a swim/run/swim/run/swim/run but was change to a xc run down to a protected beach and only a small wade then run back along the beach to where we started. Still a great event and will be back this year for sure.

At the moment I am back in my hometown at Scarborough, NSW training myself and loving the summer weather. However, as I need to fund my trip to Europe I will be resuming full time work as a labourer at the end of this month and will have to schedule my training around this. I have planned some upcoming races, I have the Australia Day Aquathlon in Wollongong on Australia Day which I am looking forward to. The first triathlon for 2014 will be in Elwood, Victoria on the 16th of February  which is an Oceania Cup and my first race in VIC. Next I will be heading to Devonport, Tasmania for the Oceania Championships on the 1st of March and last major race prior to heading OS will be Mooloolaba, Queensland for the Oceania Cup on the 16th of March. If any other races come up I will be sure to post them on my schedule.

I have already booked my flight to Europe this year and will be heading over mid May, the French Club was very keen on getting me back in the team and I have already signed the papers to re-new my contract. I learnt took a lot from last years experiences and having had to overcome a few mishaps including a bike crash the first week and an injury for the second half of my trip I will be much better prepared for anything and everything. Looking forward to this season overseas after having a year to learn and experience racing over in Europe. Will post schedule of races in Europe soon.

Watch this space for upcoming race results.

Happy New Year!

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