Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Newton Running

The past couple of years I have had some very frustrating times with injuries, I over-pronate quite a bit and have always been running in top-shelf support shoes in order to decrease injury rate. However, I came across a major set back in mid 2013 with an Injury and have only just recently got my running back on track. It was time to try something different, with numerous support shoes tried and frequent stretching/strengthening, niggles and aches still bothered me, I looked into a different style of running shoes. After a good chat with Craig 'Crowie' Alexander about his thoughts on Newton shoes, I was desperate to get into a pair. He also struggled with injuries in standard support shoes but since he put his foot in a pair of Newton's he never looked back.
The Newton's are incredible, very light and responsive and a completely different feel to running in standard shoes. I am currently using the Newton Motion for my everyday trainer, very light for a training shoe and very comfortable. I have the Distance S for my tempo workout outs, I am yet to use this but I will post some feedback shortly and the MV2 for racing and race-pace sessions. This shoe in crazy light at 190g, the 5 lugs under the forefoot feel as though they blend with each toe and the responsiveness is excellent.
If you want to better your running form, cadence and overall speed get yourself a pair of Newtons.

Very excited to be with Newton for 2014, huge thanks to Gary Childs at Newton Running Australia for setting me up with some gear and also some product from Nathan Performance Sports and GU.

Photo: Stoked to be receiving support from Newton Running Australia with some extra gear from Nathan Performance Gear GU Energy Australia thanks Gary Childs #newtonrunning

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